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Chiller Installation Melbourne – Guide

Every business that handles perishable products and temperature sensitive machinery will know the importance of using properly skilled chiller installers Melbourne and cooling equipment for their business. True, all smart business people should look to cut costs and save as much as they can. But, even with that in mind, they also know that dealing with inexperienced chiller installers is not smart business.

Fresh food businesses have the greatest incentive in investing in the right quality chillers. Their businesses will simply not survive without them. If a chiller frequently breaks down, there will be serious consequences on the quality and safety of their food products. Besides that, unreliable chillers and refrigeration equipment will lead to product losses, which will impact negatively on the company’s profits.

Chillers are also a vital piece of equipment for industrial companies which operate machinery and equipment that generate a lot of heat. Chillers provide the necessary cooling that will help protect equipment from overheating and to operate them at optimum levels.

Commercial Chiller Applications

Dairies, fresh produce distributors, and meat processors are businesses that spring to mind when you consider potential chiller applications. But there are applications outside the food businesses where chillers are also deployed.

Chillers are also an invaluable cooling resource for companies running data centers, medical laboratories, as others where important equipment are at the risk of overheating. This is equipment that you will normally find in the larger industrial operations where conventional air conditioners simply won’t be effective. You will need quality chillers that will protect your critical equipment, prolong their useful life, and reduce your repair budget.

At PR Coolstores, premier chiller installers Melbourne, our experience has taught us that you cannot skimp on quality. While inexperienced chiller installers may appear more appealing due to their low charges, those savings can seldom offset the risk of chiller failures due to poor workmanship and the use of substandard materials. You are better off opting for installers with a solid, provable reputation.

How to Choose the Right Chiller Installer Melbourne

PR Coolstores is the go-to option for chiller installation Melbourne. But we go beyond just installation, with special expertise for chiller design and chiller repair Melbourne as well. We enjoy the backing of a highly experienced and highly trained team of chiller technicians, many of whom have served the company for many years, working on chiller projects for both large and small clients.

Choose Experienced Installers Over Cheaper Ones.

As, with anything, experience really is the best teacher. Before you engage a company in your chiller installation Melbourne job, make sure they have a solid service reputation behind them. It is not a bad thing to even check with other companies that have dealt with this chiller installer before. Google the company and check for reviews past clients may have left online.

As you investigate your potential chiller installers, it is advisable to widen your criteria to also include companies that do more than installation. The best chiller installers will also have a matching reputation for chiller maintenance and repair. It helps to have just one company you deal with for all your chiller needs.

In our case as PR Coolstores, our work speaks for itself. You don’t succeed for 35 years in the same business by chance. Being a family run business, there is a greater motivation to ensure the business thrives and is passed to the next generation in a healthy state so that the family’s reputation can be preserved.

While it is possible to get cheap chiller installers who also have a good reputation for quality services, it helps to prioritize the installer’s record for quality installation services. Putting too much emphasis on lowering costs may mean you end up choosing installers who are ready to compromise on quality just so they can work within your budget.

The Right Chiller Installers Melbourne Should Be Prepared to Guarantee Their Work

Buying any cooling or refrigeration equipment and having it installed costs a lot of money. For that reason, you have every reason to expect the installers and chiller manufacturers you deal with to be prepared to guarantee their work and equipment. Nothing short of that should suffice.

Never buy equipment from manufacturers who do not have a solid product guarantee policy they are prepared to defend and enforce fully. Likewise, the company you choose for your chiller installation Melbourne should be prepared to repair the equipment they install should it fail before it’s expected useful life. Ask to see the warranty policy document so you can be convinced of its enforceability.

Your Chiller Installer Must Have the Requisite Licenses and Certifications

You will be surprised that there are chiller installers out there who lack the requisite licenses. So instead of assuming that you are dealing with qualified and licensed providers, because they say they are, be sure to check their credentials first. Check to see if the chiller installer is a member of any professional trade bodies.

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential chiller installers Melbourne about any professional bodies with which they maintain a membership. The quickest way will be to check their website for any badges they may have displayed. If you can’t find any, go on and check with the professional bodies themselves. In fact, it may be better to ask these professional associations for any installers they can recommend.

It is also wise to only deal with chiller installers with a firm grasp of the local municipal codes, especially if you are going to be installing industrial grade chillers. Going against municipal regulations may attract fines, which has the risk of potentially crippling the business itself.

Any chiller installation Melbourne company will also not mind sharing information on the qualifications their technicians hold, unless, of course, if those don’t reflect favorably on them. Don’t be shy to ask for those as well.

The PR Coolstores’ Promise

At PR Coolstores, we operate an open business that was founded on the promise of consistent, quality service. It’s served us well for the 33 years we have been operating. We are quite happy to give you references to call and ask how, as past clients, they rate our services.

Our professionally trained technicians will do a thorough inspection of the job site to determine special circumstances and to get a better understanding of the client’s expectations. As well as being the go-to chiller installers in Melbourne, we have also built a solid reputation as a trusted contractor for chiller repair Melbourne. Contact us for a quote today.

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