cold room panels Brisbane

From an engineering standpoint, we comprehend the fundamentals of accurate insulation and how faulty insulation cold room panels can prove a hindrance in your business. Perishable goods need to be kept at specific temperatures at all times and here at PR Coolstores we are devoted in manufacturing both cold rooms and cold room panels Brisbane that will ensure functionality, insulation and long lasting properties. We continuously upgrade our techniques and materials to ensure that our final cold room panels Brisbane that we manufacture are state of the art and surpass your expectations.

Our team here at PR Coolstores aim to manufacture the utmost exceptional quality and engineeringly sound cold room panels Brisbane and continuously evolve our techniques, methodologies and standards to suit both insulation limits, client standards and new design advancements in styles, shapes, builds and materials. We focus to keep client satisfaction at the highest level possible by providing clients with the service they deserve. Our extensive experience in the field has granted us the opportunity to accurately make cool rooms and cold room panels for clients in Brisbane and we have been doing so for the past 35 years and counting.

Feel the difference a well-crafted cold room panel can make to the overall functionality of your coolroom system. We liaise with our clients and explain to them the optimal solutions for their cool rooms and what we need to do to ensure our panels always work optimally. This is what sets us apart from competition and has allowed us to catapult our position within the industry as the most trusted and smartest option. For additional information on our cold room panels Brisbane, feel free to contact us, now.



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