commercial refrigeration Adelaide

Commercial refrigeration is key for medium to large businesses that deal with perishable goods that need to be kept at low temperatures at all times to ensure business functionality and fluidity. Without effective refrigeration systems that provide quality insulation properties, you are in jeopardy of losing money and clients. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated entity and have been awarded the title of the best commercial refrigeration manufacturers, as our variety of systems are full of different options to cater to all your specific needs and requirements. Here at PR Coolstores all our efforts are dedicated to the task of offering you the best customer service each and every time with our commercial refrigeration Adelaide systems.


We are innovators here at PR Coolstores. We expand our techniques and adapt new knowledge to implement to our procedures and manufacture the most functional and best commercial refrigeration Adelaide systems and have been labelled the finest commercial refrigeration Adelaide company. With state-of-the-art design and engineering teams, we put in a lot of effort for each project no matter the scale. With over 35 years of experience and counting, PR Coolstores evolve and liaise with clients pinpointing them in the right direction to ensure their commercial refrigeration Adelaide systems will suit their orientation and company layout. We are proactive and continuously aim to administer the finest commercial refrigeration Adelaide and apparatus for all clients in Australia.

If you are seeking reliable and effective commercial refrigeration systems in Adelaide, the search stops here! For additional information on our services, whether it has to do with cold storage, insulated panels, cold room shelving, apparatus and more; feel free to get in touch with us and experience our workmanship for yourself.



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