cool room builders Brisbane

Welcome to PR Coolstores, Australia's leading cool room builders for all companies that require a cool room for the storage of goods, products or anything that require specific low temperatures. Cool rooms from alternative companies are manufactured without precision and accuracy, utilising subpar materials; however with PR Coolstores we have a wealth of experience in the industry and have stabilised our reputation as the best cool room builders Brisbane. From materials, insulation knowledge and temperature control systems we have surpassed competition and guarantee our clients that we are the finest cool room builders in Brisbane.


With state of the art machinery and a wealth of knowledge that spans a plethora of fields, such as engineering, maintenance and construction to name a few, PR Coolstores are devoted to administering and building effective cool rooms for all our Brisbane based customers. We provide free consultancy with free measuring and quoting for your area. This is what sets us apart from competitors and stabilises our reputation as the leading cool room builders Brisbane. With extensive experience in the industry we have made a name for ourselves, liaising will our clients and building rapport. We guarantee the highest quality cool rooms in Australia.

Reliability, dedication and overall excellence are the fundamental stepping stones we use here at PR Coolstores to ensure that our work is state of the art. Australian owned and operated, PR Coolstores are devoted to ensuring that each and every cool room installation meets the necessary regulations and are manufactured with excellence so that your products are safe with ease and your mind is hassle free. If you are seeking a reliable cool room builders Brisbane company, contact us today!



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