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Commercial Cool Rooms Repairs Melbourne

PR Coolstores is the premier manufacturer and installer of cool rooms in Melbourne and the surrounding towns. We design, manufacture, and install cool rooms in strict adherence to Australian industry standards. Our workmanship and quality for cool room installations in Melbourne have been unrivalled. We have been steadfastly honoured for our service for the past 37 years.

Cool rooms are specially manufactured, temperature-controlled storage rooms for storing perishable products like vegetables, dairy products, and even human and veterinary medicines. Our commercial cool room designs are executed as per your business specifications and manufactured thereafter. As these products demand highly controlled environments, our manufacturers strictly adhere to all the hygiene standards and guidelines. Our cool room construction is also quite popular in Melbourne and is done in a way that maintains specific temperatures at all times. Hence, you can have peace of mind that our cool room solutions will minimise any product waste and loss of freshness.

Cool Room Installers Melbourne
Cool Room Installers Melbourne

A Legacy of Safe, Quality Cool Room Installations

At PR Coolstores, we go beyond just producing and installing cool rooms of the highest quality. We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and the communities we operate in and always seek to be as energy efficient as possible. We are committed to maintaining safe working conditions for our workers as well as ensuring that our operations do not compromise the overall health of our communities. Using only the best materials and components it is no wonder we have gained a reputation as the cool room builders Melbourne businesses turn to when they want the best value for money.

Our cool rooms grace some of the most prestigious manufacturing and retailing facilities in Australia, including pharma companies, laboratories, food processing plants, and medical facilities. We design and manufacture cool rooms of different sizes and applications. Our products are marked by our workmanship and attention to detail. Every part of the process, from design to cool room installation, is meticulously planned and monitored by experienced professionals.

Unwavering Commitment to Our Customers Success

Any contractor, cool installers Melbourne included needs to have an absolute commitment to their trade. Not only do we need to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced, it is also expected that we have an unquestionable commitment to the success of our customers.

Failure of any one of our cool room installations will immediately put the viability of our customers’ operations at serious risk because of the often perishable nature of their products. The client expects, as a prerequisite, that we will be there when required to install new cool rooms or to even to carry out cool room repairs in Melbourne, whatever time that we may be.

Cool Room Installers Melbourne

Cool Room Installers Melbourne

As the premier cool room installers Melbourne, we fully accept this responsibility and have our technicians ready for dispatch to new cool room installation sites at all times. Our expertly trained repair technicians also have extensive experience to quickly diagnose cool room issues and to swiftly carry out any cool room maintenance and repairs, so the client does not suffer much disruption to their work. To be the next business to enjoy the advantages of our personalised commercial cool rooms Melbourne,get in touch with us on 03 8742 3618.