coolroom builders Sydney

Are you sick and tired of your coolroom malfunctioning? Have you insulated your coolroom with a lesser degree of material that is now causing you issues? If you answered "yes" to the above questions, PR Coolstores is here to provide you with an equitable solution to suit your needs and ensure these problems will not reoccur. We are the leading coolroom builders Sydney that specialises in cool room design and manufacturing.


Here at PR Coolstores we liaise with our clients and come out on site for a free measuring and consulting session. This way we can accurately gauge the premises and provide our clients with cool room design solutions that will maximise their business potential without wasting space. Your coolroom means a lot to the overall success of your company and we respect that, hence why we tackle each project in efficiency and care no matter the scale. Our reputation is at an all time high when it comes to coolroom building and we have been awarded a plethora of accolades rendering us here at PR Coolstores the finest coolroom builders Sydney.

An innovative workforce team established by responsible leaders in collusion with attention to detail and adherence to protocol makes us who we are. Our management team excels in all aspects of cool room manufacturing, as well as in all given tasks. They possess the necessary leadership skills, expertise and can handle ongoing commitments with professionalism. They are the core of PR Coolstores, and all play pivotal roles in the maintenance of this company. Together with the ingenuity and the dedication our key personnel provide, PR Coolstores has earned its position as the smart and trusted choice. At PR Coolstores, you lay the foundations, so you expect nothing but the best! Contact us today for our quote on installing a cool room system.



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