industrial refrigeration Brisbane

PR Coolstores is Brisbane's leading and most reputable cold storage company. With a drive for success and effective cold storage solutions, we work alongside our clients and take a free of charge measurement and consultation service. This way we can accurately gauge the project and steer you towards the solution that will make you the most money, flourish your business and ensure your industrial refrigeration Brisbane service lasts in time. Adapting to larger scale projects has been made easy for us, as we continuously adapt our methodologies and work alongside accredited technicians and engineers. Our versatility shows, and we carry our competitive edge with our continuous drive to better our methodologies, materials and systems to provide you with the best and most durable industrial refrigeration Brisbane solutions.

Our traits:

– Leading support
– Free of charge consultation
– State of the art materials
– Efficient industrial refrigeration Brisbane services

Our extensive experience in the industry, equipped with lead technicians, engineers and managers has solidified our reputation and propelled our sales. Our manufacturing of industrial refrigeration Brisbane systems is unparalleled, and we always liaise with our clients to ensure that you get the most out of your industrial cold storage Brisbane. We collaborate and work closely with industry specialists and ensure that each room and part is made to last and perform its duties at the highest level. This way we ensure your satisfaction!  Experience the ease and convenience like never before with PR Coolstore's leading professionalism in designing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration Brisbane systems.

If you are situated in Brisbane and are seeking for a reliable company to handle and industrial project, look no further. For more information on our services and how your company can benefit from our refrigeration configurations, feel free to contact us directly.



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