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Cold stores have become almost an integral part of modern commercial companies which need to deal with items sensitive to environmental conditions. As the name indicates, cold storage is one form of refrigeration unit which comes in various formats such as blast freezers. There is no doubt about the fact that companies belonging to the food industry rely heavily on temperature. This includes the likes of those dealing with fish, vegetable, fruit, dairy and meat. There are many pharmaceutical industries which have to depend on cold storage rooms for storing vaccines and drugs at the desired temperatures.

It is very important to make sure that your cold storage in Melbourne is safe and reliable. This is due to the sensitiveness of particular products towards temperature and contaminants. You need to have experts who are trained and experienced enough to have a sound knowledge of the temperatures at which food items need to be stored. The advancements in the fields of science and technology have resulted in the development of various forms of cold storage units. PR Coolstores is one of the top notch companies dealing with cold stores.

PR Coolstores is a family owned business operating from Melbourne which is famous for its way of dealing with clients. We provide you with an end-to-end service from manufacturing to cold storage installation. Our professional and friendly team makes sure that every need of the customer is taken care of in the best manner possible. It has been running successfully for more than 35 years and also uses high quality materials for manufacturing its products. As the name indicates, it deals with manufacturing and designing of equipments used for controlling temperature. Looking for cold storage solutions in Melbourne? Call us on (03) 5274 1129 and share your requirements with us. Our team will suggest you the best solutions at the most affordable price.

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